Zen Garden Project

The Zen garden project Idea came out of "necessity", since I had this urge to buy a desktop version. But I am rushing into it before explaining what is the Zen garden. The Japanese rock garden is the original name of Zen garden. Like many traditional Japanese cultural symbols the rock garden shows integrity, focus, dedication and beautiful simplicity of rock garden. The sand in Zen garden represents the ocean and the rocks are islands. Needless to say that it is very coming experience to play with the waves and rearranging your islands in mini Zen garden version built by me. The experience is so surreal that it borderlines meditation. But you may ask why I built it instead of buying it? The answer is simple, the desktop Zen gardens for sale are tiny, cheap and does not excite me a bit and I do love my version.

The rest is history, but yet unfinished. I will be working on releasing plans for the Zen garden

This video shows how to build octagonal desktop Zen garden. There was some suggestions on improving the process during glueup stage but you should see it yourself.

In this video I made some tools that are used with the Zen garden. Process was deseptively simple but results were surprisingly good. Enjoy the video.

This short video shows how to mark and cut an octagonal shape from plywood. This was done during making of Zen Garden project base. Hope you enjoy the presentation.