Table Saw Sleds

This page lists various table saw sleds I built over the years. Any time I get a new table saw, I start building a sled for it. The table saw sled improves its safety and allows to make precision cuts. My favorite sled is the micro crosscut sled listed below.

This sled is perfect for safe handling of small parts on the table saw. It has latch clamps that could be installed on right or left the side of the sled. The sled can cut from the right or left side of the table saw blade. I have four sleds with various attachments and this sled gets the most use. Parts and tools used in this build can be ordered from amazon:

In this video we are building universal sled insert for table saw that will allow us to make angular tenons and cut splines in box corners. The insert and the sled are made from 3/4" plywood to add rigidity. The components of the insert are secured with pocket holes, screws and glue. This is the third part of universal sled instructional videos. The Universal sled #1 is describing ho to make the sled, Universal Sled #2 describes how to build 90° and 45° sled inserts.

This video is part two of universal sled build and shows how we made 90° and 45 ° sled inserts. The originality of this project is making the sled life longer by adding replaceable sled inserts. So many times we make beautiful sled just to be ruined by dado blade or some odd angle cut and we need to make a new one. Another issue is storing all those sleds. With this design, we need only one Universal Sled and few inserts that are replaceable and easy to make.

Universal sled for table saw is the base of all accessories that can be attached to it to form various jigs. Also it is employing easy insert replacement, eliminating the need for multiple table saw sleds.

After building a table saw sled, we need to align it for high precision work. Without alignment we can expect several degree error. To perfect our sled we can use five cut method to set the cat accuracy to perfect 90.0° angle.

Crosscut sled is for making basic cuts on table saw. This sled was one of my first sleds and I made it for cutting plywood panels or long lumber pieces. This sled helped me to build the table saw cabinet. To make the sled move smoothly we use the Jonson wood paste on bottom side.