Storage Solutions

There are many options for storing woodworking tools and lumber. The solution I chose was French Cleat system and it helped me to convert my garage walls into convenient racks for multiple usage. I used one of them for lumber storage and one for tools. So far I got great use out of this system and I never had any issues. There are several videos available on this page that show how I installed my system and how I built shelves. The shelves are my favorite since they are multi use and I love that versatility. Another reason is that I like their construction using 3/4" scrap wood pieces. You can find the free plans for the shelves build along with build video. This is a good system to start with but ultimately it is your decision on the system you choose. Good luck with your system design.

This video shows how to make material storage shelves using 3/4" wood scraps. Small pieces of the shelves are perfectly suited for low warped or uneven wood.

As part of tool storage system, we are installed French Cleat support on concrete blocks. The video demonstrates how to make supports and mount them on concrete.

In this video we use French Cleats to organize our screw storage using plastic bins. Those plastic beans are available from various sources for less than $2 and nicely suited for storing various screws. This system allows quick storage and removal of bins.