Rotating Octagonal Workbench Project

I have a two car garage that I am using during weekdays that turns into woodworking shop at weekends. The problem with this setup is that I cannot have access to my tools during rest of the week, or when I have to do tiny project and preparation takes longer than the task. To solve this issue I decided to use 5'x4' space currently occupied by my workbench (which I hate) as permanent tiny workshop. The idea is to build a workbench that can house most of my woodworking tools in that small area and I can have access to all the tools by rotating the table. I started experimenting with hexagonal shaped table top but it was not efficient for number of tools I was planing to use. The experiments were done in sketchup, where I created crude models of my tools. The octagonal table was the best fit for the tools per those experiments and I could have access to my woodworking tools seven days a week.


The rest is history and we are working to release the next video and free plans for the project. You can subscribe to the youtube channel to be notified of this or future projects.

The second video in the series is showing finished workbench build and first usage. The workbench proved to be very useful and opened up possibilities right away. There is more to be done to improve the project like better lighting, power hookup and stationary dust collection system. With improved tool access incremental updates should be possible. Overall design prove to meet and exceed the expectations.

The first video in the series is describing the design idea and general approach to better workbench design. we also go through details on how to build the support structure/frame for the workbench.

This video shows my current setup where I convert my two car garage into woodworking workshop during weekends.