Corner clamps

Corner Clamp
Panel Clamp

This page lists various table saw accessories build over time. Some of the accessories are functional and some are safety related like the push sticks. If you don't have table saw sled yet then this is the first tool you need to build. There are plans available for various projects in our site. You can search for "plan" to see the list.

The corner clamps project was born when I started to build my table saw cabinet. The name is kind of deceiving since you do need to have separate clamps to use this jigs. What this provides is perfect 90° reference to be used during woodworking projects assembly. There are two such clamps presented in this project. The simple clamp with four mounting holes is useful to align the corners of drawers, chairs, picture frames and boxes. The second clamp is more for larger projects like cabinets and large furniture and we will call it panel clamp. The panel clamp is more for securing large boards and becomes invaluable while assembling large project. The project is easy to complete but requires attention to detail. Remember that you are creating precision tool and make sure you double-check your progress.