Chopstick Factory

My interest in making chopsticks peaked when I started using them regularly. I went as far as writing a blog article about chopsticks. Blog entry is called Case for chopsticks and describes several advantages of chopsticks over traditional utensils.

Latest version of Chopstick Factory Jig is pictured on the right. My previous experiments with chopstick making did not produce uniform results and it was not fit to make chopsticks from hardwood. The chopsticks produced with this jig are uniform, have polished look and yet have charm of handmade creation. It is easy to use and sometimes even relaxing fun exercise. Over time it became one of my most useful and frequently used tools in the shop.

In this video I spent some time and finished the jig and adding final touches. Then I made few chopsticks to demonstrate its use. My favorite part is the shooting board attachment for adding top champhers.

Those limitations prevented me from making several sets of chopsticks from hard woods that I was planning. Then I had an Idea about a jig which would address most of issues with my initial chopstick building method. After building the experimental jig I was so impressed with results that I called it Chopstick Factory #1. Even with this half finished jig I managed to build several sets of Chopsticks and give out to my friends.


The video shows initial experiment with Chopstick Factory Jig and covers initial build and test article.

First time I made chopsticks was in February/2016. I used only few hand tools to make a set of chopsticks from tamarack. This was my first attempt at making chopsticks and results were surprisingly good. This method worked well but had several disadvantages like:

  • Feasible only for chopsticks made from softwood varieties
  • Results in non uniform chopsticks
  • Very hard to make repeatable product
  • Hard to make since it is very time consuming

The video shows build process of chopsticks using only hand tools.